Limiting Children’s Cell Phone Use


Smart phones and technology are a tremendous asset to our lives, but overuse can take away from real world experiences like reading and being outdoors. How do you limit use without conflict?

Improv Nurtures Imagination in Grandchildren


Human beings are improvisers by nature and children improvise all day long. Improv is an excellent way to nurture imagination in your grandchildren.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Grandparents


A reader sent me this cute You Tube video of a “Surprise Baby Announcement” for the new grandparents to be. It’s the most creative one I’ve ever seen.

The Clintons Embrace Their Role as Grandparents


I’m excited for Hilary and Bill Clinton. It’s going to be so much fun to watch them as they embrace their new role as grandparents.

Celebrating Grandparents Day with Rituals and Traditions

measuring ingredients from Grandmas recipe

Women are often the ritual makers for the family, but today’s moms may not have time to plan rituals. Grandmas can help by creating simple rituals for their grandchildren.