Limiting Children’s Cell Phone Use


Smart phones and technology are a tremendous asset to our lives, but overuse can take away from real world experiences like reading and being outdoors. How do you limit use without conflict?

Improv Nurtures Imagination in Grandchildren


Human beings are improvisers by nature and children improvise all day long. Improv is an excellent way to nurture imagination in your grandchildren.

Nurture Your Grandchild’s Imagination


By nurturing your grandchild’s imagination, you can play an important role in helping him become adept at solving problems, facing challenges and building his self-esteem.

Long-Distance Grandmas Are Thankful for Technology Advances

Dress design

Technology often gets a bad rap because it keeps people from personally engaging with each other. But there are times when technology is just what you need for communication.

Make an Adorable Pine Cone Turkey for Thanksgiving

Pine Cone Turkey

My grandma friend Cindy volunteers in her granddaughter’s third grade classroom. This week she taught the class how to make pine cone turkeys for Thanksgiving.