Improv Nurtures Imagination in Grandchildren


Human beings are improvisers by nature and children improvise all day long. Improv is an excellent way to nurture imagination in your grandchildren.

Make an Adorable Pine Cone Turkey for Thanksgiving

Pine Cone Turkey

My grandma friend Cindy volunteers in her granddaughter’s third grade classroom. This week she taught the class how to make pine cone turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Solving the Morning Jumble


For the past 45 years, my husband and I have begun our morning by solving the Jumble — the scrambled word game which appears in our daily newspaper.

Here’s the Halloween Phantom Poem


Have fun with the Halloween Phantom on your block. Secretly drop goodies at a neighbor’s house with a request to pass along the poem and goodies to two more neighbors.

Grandpas Can Have a Big Impact on Their Grandchild’s Life

grandpa and grandson

Grandpas, whatever their style or approach, can and will make lasting impressions on their grandchildren who need their encouragement, interest and love.