Summer Is Over — Hello Autumn!

by Donne Davis on September 22, 2009

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For those of us in the northern hemisphere the autumnal equinox occurs today. There are many ways to help children appreciate the changes that Fall brings and enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold and wet. So go outside for a walk and give your kids and grandkids a chance to witness the changing landscape up close.

The Fruits and Veggies of Summer

I’m proud to say that my daughter and son-in-law are raising my two granddaughters to appreciate the wonders of nature. This summer they enlarged their vegetable garden and produced a bumper crop of five varieties of tomatoes, cantaloupes, cucumbers, peppers, grapes, and pumpkins. They will have two enormous Jack-o-lanterns by Halloween. Every time we visit we go home with a bag full of the tastiest and largest fruits and vegetables I’ve ever had. My daughter keeps a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the kitchen counter for everyone to munch on.

Growing up in San Francisco, I never had the pleasure of growing fruit or vegetables. But my grandmother and mother both loved to garden. I’m so happy to see that my daughter is now passing on that love to her daughters as they go out to the garden each day and pick a huge bowl of fresh tomatoes.

Enjoy Fall Activities

Taking your children or grandchildren outside and showing them the wonders of nature is a great way to slow down during the hectic pace of the new school year. In my search for some fun activities for autumn, I began with my favorite resource: Green Hour and discovered Rebecca Cohen, of Rebecca plants. Her website offers “Simple gardening and outdoor activities that transform the health and well being of all by inspiring each of us to spend more time outside.” She’s got a blog, a television show called “Get Out of the House,” a free download of “50 Outdoor Activities for Busy Families” and of course, a newsletter and products.

Rebecca explains that, as she connected to the outdoors, she realized the positive influence it had on her two sons, aged four and six-years-old. As a result, she expanded her vision and work to inspiring families to spend more time outside together with simple activities that fit easily into a busy schedule.

“Something magical happens with me and my kids when we’re outside and away from distractions,” says Rebecca. “We listen better, we share and notice more about the plants and animals around us, and become closer as a family.” Rebecca makes it a point to get outside with her kids every day. “I’ve created the outdoor lifestyle and the relationship with my kids that I’ve always wanted, and I want to help all families create memorable moments outside with their kids each day.”


Susan Adcox September 23, 2009 at 5:57 am

Oh, boy, do I agree that children should be outside whenever possible. This is something that grandparents can help with. Sometimes parents are too busy to supervise outdoor activities, and grandparents can step in. When we host our grandchildren, we can make sure that the electronic entertainers are turned off and Mother Nature is turned on!

Rebecca P. Cohen September 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Donne, what a fabulous website; thank you so much for mentioning me. I know lots of grandmas, including my mom of course, and I can’t wait to tell them about the gagasisterhood. You do so much for us as great role models and teachers. My kids have a lot more fun with grandma than me!

My Curiosity Cards are a favorite of grandparents and parents alike. I’ll have to send you some so you can check them out with your grandkids. Your kids’ garden sounds wonderful. Not only yummy, but I know it brought so much joy to their family.

So glad to be in sync with you and your gaga community. I just posted some more ideas and would love your readers to comment on their fall favorites

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